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Chinchilla Care

We rarely have chinchillas in our rescue, so we can't claim to be experts. So instead of writing our own care sheets, we've provided you with the resources to learn about chinchillas. Keep in mind that if you do adopt a chin from us, you will be required to buy the appropriate size and type of cage (large cage with shelves).

Many of the websites are completely overwhelming. We recommend the first website as the place to start, as it has more or less the same basics that we review in our other care sheets and does not include every bit of information about chins known to mankind.

                 * Required reading for all chin adopters.

                 ** Required of all teachers considering adopting a chin.

                 *** Required of all chin adopters who have kids.

* This is a great place to start. It's got the necessary information on cages and cage size, cage accessories, food, and play time with your chin. It's the basics. This is a great second step. If you're interested in building your own cage, have more questions on food, health, or behavior, or just want more information, this website has everything. The section we linked you to is also the "basics" section, but its much more in depth than the first website. You can also leave this section and click around the site to find a lot more information about chins.

* This is the same website as above but a different section. This section has information on chin behavior and how to relate to your chin. It's important to understand how chinchillas work. They aren't dogs or cats and don't act like them.

** Also the same website, but this is about chinchillas in classrooms.

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