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Important Announcement - 8/10/21

As of today August 10, 2021 we are closed to ALL intakes. It takes more than foster homes, and funds to care for the critters. We are always needing funds and foster homes and we've managed. Just to take care of what we have, we are still going have to do fundraising.

Veterinary appointments are becoming more and more difficult to obtain. Our volunteers beg the veterinary staff to please try and squeeze us in and that is not fair to the staff, it is not fair to us, and it can be fatal to what we rescue. At the end of the day, if one of our critters is sick we MUST get them to an experienced exotic vet immediately. Two weeks ago, we ended up taking a hamster to ER. Today everything became clearer, and we realize that we need to be able to get into a vet in an emergency situation, today, not tomorrow. One ER wanted the rabbit for 6 hours, and they would have to do rounds first and tend to other patients. The other ER told us to call back, last time we called back they said it would be at least a 2-hour wait and there was no guarantee they would see the rabbit. Our foster started looking for a vet at 8AM this morning and ended up driving around over an hour one way to get Buggs to the only vet that would squeeze us in. We suspected tooth issues stopped him from eating. Unfortunately, due to Buggs diminished gut sounds they could not even do the procedure to take care of his teeth. Our regular vet has no availability until August 25th and during that time if the teeth are not damaging the mouth, they will be soon. 

Thank you

Marshmallow and Hershey are available for adoption. Mom and daughter MUST be adopted together. These are large rabbits and will require a very large area to live in. These two beautiful girls are deserving of a loving forever home and they are young, and could possibly live another 10 or more years. If interested in adopting, you will need to fill out adoption application by clicking link below. The girls are not in Rabbit & Small Animal Rescue, but figured a few more people would see them if listed here too. If you would like to fill out our adoption application, we will forward to Haymonsters.

Hello everyone, 

My name is Albert and I am looking for a family that would be interested in having me as a family member for 10 years or more. I am a clean fellow and use my litterbox. I am a big fellow and require a doggy ex-pen, not a rabbit cage or hutch. With a little time and patience I can learn to trust you and we can be best friends.

In my short life I have lived with at least 3 families; the last 2 are very allergic to me and the Timothy hay I require. It makes me sad that I am making my family have allergies. I was just a baby and don't remember much about where I came from, or the first family that had me.

If you are interested in providing me a forever loving home that I deserve, please fill out adoption application.

DOB: 6/1/2020


Help us out in sponsoring our adoptables looking for their furever home!!

Danny Boy has been battling a middle ear infection and would love your help! He is currently treated at our vet 4 times per week.

Peanut needs his molars ground down every 2-3 months.

Jasmine needs her molars ground down every 8-10 months.

Not to forget our other fur babies currently in our care! And available for adoption!

Hurley, Bouncer, Max & Ruby, Willie, Jerry, Rocky, Tucker, Kiwi, Autumn, Henry, Joey & Chandler

Surrender-A-Pet Update

We value our care and time spent in fostering our rescued pets. All surrender requests are responded to within 1-2 hours of receiving application. Our volunteers spend hours arranging with foster homes that can accommodate the pets families wish to surrender.

Unfortunately in the future we will require ALL surrenders have wellness checks prior to accepting a surrendered pet. 

Please considerate when moving that you check with your new resident that they accept all types of animals not just dogs & cats. A pet is a family member and does not wish to be left behind. Please think of contacting us last if you feel that the requirements and time we take to accommodate your pet into the rescue.

We are having constant issues with surrender applicants give their pets up to other rescues or stating they already "Got Rid" of the pet after contacting us. This sadly wastes our valuable time to care for and re-home the current rabbits and small animals in our foster homes.

If this continues we may have to CLOSE our surrender program permanently.

Kill shelters may continue to contact us for help.

Sissy has the best while being in our rescue. We had her on fleece liners until February 2020, the liners are okay, but the fleece was getting worn. In February 2020 we received a very generous donation of GuineaDad liners. We think they are well made and do the job of keeping our critters happy and dry. Our foster homes use them for their foster piggies and we encourage people to give them a try.

Check out all the great products @

More Forever Homes!!!

Mr Winnipig went to his permanent home last week. If he gets along with Taco, they will live in the same habitat

Say Hello to Dennis & Dwayne

Born 2/18/18 and have been neutered. Sadly the owner is allergic to them so we are trying to find them a permanent home. Please remember that a rabbit can live 12 years or more, and they are not a cheap pet to have. They require special vets, foods and enrichment for them to remain happy and healthy.

Dennis Hopper and Dwayne McFluffy are two pair-bonded, neutered and litter-box trained mini-lop rabbits, age 2. They are pedigreed and have been raised exclusively indoors in Michigan. Both are sweet and gentle. Dwayne is smart and energetic; Dennis likes to take things slow. The pair are inseparable and are usually snuggling in their condo.

If you're interested in adopting these two cuties fill out our Adoption Application!

Happy Mothers Day!!

Binky & Pookietoo, and Fiona enjoyed Mother's Day with their Mom's. They were previously thrown away like yesterday's trash and lucky for them transferred to Rabbit & Small Animal Rescue. We placed them in great homes where they are part of the family. Even though they have had expensive health issues as they got older in their forever homes, we never have to worry they will be euthanized for treatable health issues as long as they continue to enjoy life. We are a no kill rescue and want our foster homes and adopters to value their life as we do. In over 13 year's, only one foster home didn't want to abide by our no kill policy. Since they had a different view of life and suggested on several occasions to euthanize we discontinued allowing them to foster. They felt a few didn't deserve to live.... those critters are still enjoying life 5 years later in their forever loving homes.

Thank you for your support & donations

Thank you to everyone that has done a Facebook birthday fundraiser for Rabbit & Small Animal Rescue and to those that have donated. We have a few friends that continue to support us by choosing us when doing their birthday fundraiser, thank you to those people, we appreciate it. There are many organizations out there to choose and we are thankful that you have recognized that Rabbit & Small Animal Rescue continues to need financial help. We sincerely appreciate you choosing us, and thank you to the individuals that donate.

The past 6 months have been a challenge to keep up with the cost of vetting. In December we had an unexpected $4,000 spent on Ginger for surgery. Her vetting continues because she has lung issues. She is rechecked 2-3 times a month. We also have 2 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs that have had many vet visits and medications for chronic issues that is putting a drain on our funds.

Being no-kill (unless pain, suffering) we don't take the cheap easy way out by euthanizing, which is why our vetting care is high. We will be posting the invoices from November - present in the near future so you know where your donations are going.

Happy Easter!

The Queen tooting her horn on this Easter day showing Loki how talented she is. She is a very lucky girl to have been adopted by a family that treats her like more then a family member. Thanks Delia for taking such good care of Queen Emma.....and of course Loki

In Need of Emergency Fosters

We are looking for back up emergency fosters in case any of our current fosters are unable to care for their foster pets due to illness. Any previous volunteers, fosters and/or adopters of rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, chinchillas please message the rescue. We are hopeful we never need to have you foster, but in light of Covid19 we must be prepared. This will remove a lot of stress if we have a back up plan.

April 3, 2020

Taco Found His Forever Home!!!

After over two years in rescue, we finally found Taco the perfect home. Here's what his new mom has to say, after adopting him 7 days ago.

"He's coming out all by him self now jumping right into my lap for love ! He's the sweetest boy."

We hope everyone is staying safe.

Thank you Rebecca for taking Henry to the vet for that spot on his head. Bouncer, Couch, Ari and Cappy all have to visit the vet due to to ongoing health issues.

Our cost of doing rescue are constant. Food, vetting and medications won't end.

If you haven't donated to us in a while and would like to take some stress off the rescue by making a donation that would be appreciated. We know money is tight and understand if you can't donate. Thank you to all that has helped us over the years and those donate in the future.

Be well and stay safe.

Miss Piggy is very smart and says to stay safe and keep others around you safe. If you behave like you had the virus and are mindful of where you put your hands and wash them for at least 20 seconds. Please cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing, wash hands after coughing/sneezing, touching surfaces when you don't know what could be on the surface and after remove gloves.

For the safety of our volunteers we will not be doing any adoptions, events in Petco or meeting with people until further notice. Vetting will be done, but that's it. An ounce of prevention......

March 13, 2020

A rabbit can be a 12 year or more commitment. If you can't commit to the rabbit for the rabbits life, don't get one.

Easter is right around the corner and all no kill rescues remain full. The rabbit pictured here was dumped in Rochester Hills Michigan, near the Humane Society. We don't know where he/she came from (rescue,pet store or breeder, we contacted 3 rescues and MHS asking them), we just know that someone didn't bother to educate themselves about how to care for a rabbit, if they had they would know releasing a domestic rabbit outside because it is a death sentence for the rabbit. If you know anyone thinking of bringing a rabbit into their home please have them skip the breeder/pet store and visit a rescue shelter. Rescues and shelters will give you a more accurate description of how to properly care for your new family addition, and if for any reason it doesn't work out, you don't have to dump outside because a reputable rescue/shelter will ALWAYS take the rabbit back. Message us with your questions and we will be happy to answer them. If anyone is interested in providing a forever home for this rabbit, please send us a message.

Regarding injured wildlife, please contact a wildlife rehabber if you find they have injuries, just don't dump in a parking lot. Stuff happens all the time, lawn mowers, weed whips, cats, dogs, cars injure and kill them daily. Why not try to save those that can be saved? We take their land to build human habitat's, we poison their food so we can have green grass. The earth belongs to more then just humans.

Rest in peace little one. We are sorry that some human ran a weed whip over your little body and then dumped you in a parking lot instead of taking you to a vet or rehabber so you may have lived.

Our rescue was contacted about this rabbit today. We contacted a wildlife rehabber and went to pick up and transport, but we were too late.

Reminder: Many no-kill rescues remain full 365 days a year and will take back any pet that was adopted from them. Many pets are euthanized when purchased from a breeder or pet store because they won't take back, and rescues are FULL! Our rescue is volunteers and foster homes, there is no facility. Please be a responsible pet parent and be willing to make a LIFETIME commitment to the pet you bring home BEFORE bringing home. Do your research too. Chinchilla can be a 20 year commitment, a Rabbit can be a 12 year commitment, a Guinea pig an 8 year commitment, some birds 75 year commitment. We continue to get surrender requests from people after they have had their pet less then a year (purchased from breeder or pet store).

Hi everyone. Cupcake and Muffin are our names, we were purchased for a 15 year old when we were babies and after a few short months the child lost interest in us. After 2 years we were surrendered to RASAR. Our nails were so long we couldn't walk well and volunteer cut the nails, and Muffin had a large pus filled cyst on her spine. We were immediately taken to the vet for health check and to have cyst drained in April 2019. The pus is back on Muffin spine so we will see the vet this Friday.

My names is Hickory, I was born on November 25, 2018, I am a smooth hair, tri-colored guinea pig. My bother looks similar to my daddy Aspen, so we call him Aspen Jr, he is grey and white.

We are both very shy, but our foster family is working on making us more comfortable with being handled. Our hair is like satin and we will slip right through your fingers. Because we enjoy our snuggle sack, when we see it, we go in it. Next thing we know we are on the lap enjoying being petted. Only one of us can be in the sack when lifted out for our own safety.

Mama Hope gave birth to 14 babies (4 girls, 10 boys) on June 2, 2019

Check out our Adoptable's page!

Thank you!! To everyone recently helping us out via Facebook with Birthday Fundraisers!!

Alfalfa is loving his new forever home!!