Rabbit & Small Animal Rescue

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Unfortunately at this time we are not accepting owner surrenders. 

We currently do not have the resources to accept new surrendered pets at this time, saying no is one of the hardest things we do. Until we have adopted out more of our furry friends we cannot take any new faces.

If you have adopted from us we will take back the pet, please email us at rasa.rescue@gmail.com with the subject as: Previous Adopter.

Otherwise Petfinder.com is a great source to find other rescue groups for rabbits and small animals.


Thank you!! To everyone recently helping us out via Facebook with Birthday Fundraisers!!


Alfalfa is loving his new forever home!!


The only rabbit that should be purchased for Easter is a candy one, not a living one. A rabbit can be a 12 year or more commitment and their vetting is costly, so please discourage your neighbors, friends and relatives from purchasing real rabbits in celebration of Easter OR in the future as a pet for a child. A rabbit is NOT a good pet for children.


Its Valentines Day!

Be our furry friends Valentine this year! Treat our adoptable's with a donation of supplies, love or monetary gift!


Thank you for visiting us at Petco (Canton & Livonia) December 15th & 16th for photos with Santa. 

Your $9.95 donation will be used for food and vetting. RASA Rescue offered 1 courtesy photo printed taken by a volunteer with our camera and the customers seemed to like that feature. This was ONLY at the Canton & Livonia Petco locations on the dates above.  

Thank you  for your patience while your pictures were being printed, because it took some time to print the photos. Thank you for your support!


Guinea Pig Babies, Born 11/25/18


Tubberware Fundraiser!

Now till Dec. 31th 2018 

Visit the Tubberware Fundraiser page, find RASA Rescue in the Michigan listing and shop your heart away! Party your way to change. The organization received 40% of the proceeds and/or 100% of the commission. Betsy is donating 100% of her commission!


Update: Sadly Phil needed emergency surgery on Friday and he passed away in recovery. We still need your help to pay off his $718 vet bill.

Phil is a 4 year old Guinea Pig that needs your help. 

Unfortunately his 89 year old owner passed away and the hospice nurse contacted RASA for help. Phil was taken to the vet for evaluation because he was straining to urinate. They found a kidney stone(see x-ray below) and Phil is due to have surgery next Wednesday. Phil is in great need of your generosity. Please donate what you can you give Phil the care he needs!